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I have all the time in the world

I was listening to some good ol' classical music on public radio tonight when I heard a short fact about Frederick the Great.  It said that he was a flute player and wrote concerto's for himself.  However, he had to "punt" when the pieces required quick finger movements.

This made me think of my own experience playing the trumpet.  It is really amazing what you can train your body to do if you practice.  With singluar devotion it almost seems that you can accomplish anything.  

I proceeded to lament my limited time to pursue things like history, painting, trumpet, guitar, poetry, etc.  Then, I was struck with the reality that I had all the time in the world.  I have eternal life, and I have eternity to explore the wide boundries of the life God has given me.  A second time, I was struck with the one thing that I have now that I will not have in the new creation: the lost.

There are people around me with whom I will never have the chance again to share the good news of Christ.  More worshipers for my King are to be gathered.  More slaves are to be freed.  While it may not be my calling to devote myself 100% to this task, I cannot ignore it.

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I hate to admit it folks, but I am squeamish. I cannot stand detailed descriptions of medical procedures or conditions or I quickly begin to feel like I will pass out. Now, I would not heed this light-headed "bad buzz" had I not actually fell victim to it on more than one occaision.

The first time, I was reading about vaccinations for our children. The second time was while giving blood. The next occasion I barely fought it off by pounding my fist into the ground while my elder son was getting stitches in his lip. The doctor must have thought it was surely an abuse case.

The latest occasion was brought about by a coworker's description of his appendectomy. I sensed the "bad buzz" as one of my associates accurately labeled, and quickly dismissed my self to sit with my head down to get some blood flowing up there.

Unintended Consequences

There is a program at work that shows a tooltip with this message when you are about to move something: "...this may have unintended consequences."That cracks me up. Especially in light of the recent TFC movie, Run Lola Run, I think every action I take should be labeled as such an action.What doesn't have unintended consequences? This also makes me think of the movies Butterfly Effect and Groundhog Day. It is almost as if we can't hope to control our lives.Lola exerts all her powers, yet in the end, must pray and wait for God to work through her actions.

The Repenting Levite

This is how God, by and through his love, turned my heart around so that I could love my neighbors.

We hurried home because we had plans to visit my aunt, and deteriorating 93 year-old grandmother for Mother's Day.  However, I ran into Joel again.  We talked about the wind storm.  He rebuked his black Great Dane, saying, "Don't get his nice clean clothes dirty."  I don't know if he intended the irony, but God did, and it was dripping.

Here was the clean, nicely-dressed, white-collar Christian who had left the neighborhood tragedy to go to church.  He was now waiting for his wife to return from his house so they could again leave to go to loving family members and good food.  Making a meager attempt to somehow connect with Joel, I thanked him for checking on us.  He said, "No problem.  Thats what neighbors are for...I think."  Again, I don't think he ment the irony, but it bit my soul like a viper.

Wind Storm

At 5:40 or so my son called for me to come lie down with him for a minute.  He doesn't do this too, often, so I agreed, and laid down for 5 minutes or so until he went to sleep.  Then I went to bed.The next thing I knew, I heard a booming wind and the crash of thunder.  I don't remember noticing the time, but the power was soon out, and the wind was knocking our porch chairs over.We lay in bed for a couple hours listening to the storm, and got up to get ready for church.  I looked out the window.  Devastation is the word that comes to mind.  It is a slight overstatement, but there were tree limbs everywhere, and it looked like someone had cut the tops off of all of our neighbors trees.  It was a mess.  A tornado was rumored, but the weather service says that it was a windstorm with winds from 60-80 mph.  My only question is that some places seemed undisturbed while others had trees over 2ft in diameter uprooted.


Well, I have been wanting to make this first entry for quite some time. Here its 4:16am and I am finally doing it. At this point, it almost seems anti-climactic. Who knows what will become of this: bits for the bit bucket, the start of a writing career, journalsim, maybe? Really, I would just like to start the discipline of recording my thoughts. Beware, they are not always the purest, and very often they are arrogant and self-absorbed. Maybe this discipline will help me see how awful it is. We shall see.