Well, I have been wanting to make this first entry for quite some time. Here its 4:16am and I am finally doing it. At this point, it almost seems anti-climactic. Who knows what will become of this: bits for the bit bucket, the start of a writing career, journalsim, maybe? Really, I would just like to start the discipline of recording my thoughts. Beware, they are not always the purest, and very often they are arrogant and self-absorbed. Maybe this discipline will help me see how awful it is. We shall see.

Midnight Hour

Gradually over the course of our lives, we come to realize conciously or subconciously that there will be a day when all comes to light. In fact, we experience the forwshadowing of the day in our highest of highs and our lowest of lows.

This site is devoted to the gathering of content and resources to move all who will to a place in their lives where they can look forward to that day instead of living in dread.