Great Day

Soren Hiding
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This picture has nothing to do with today, but I really like this picture. Soren is hiding in a clothes rack at a womens clothting store. That really takes me back. It is great to have kids.

Today was such a great day that



This is a great movie. You should see this movie. You should see this movie multiple times. Family, the past, grace, judgement, death, childhood, these are all themes. They are woven thoughout the stories of 4 families that end up connected in an unexpected way. The narrator says that none of this is chance.

Stricktly Ballroom


This is a funny movie. In addition, we rented it with the "Behind the Red Curtain" box set. Baz Luhrmann describes his "red curtain cinema" style which encompasses 2 other favorites: Willaim Shakespeare's Romeo+Juliet and Moulin Rouge. This style has three characteristcs:
1. A primary myth. It is a story that everyone knows almost instinctively.
2. A heightened created world.
3. A device which keeps the audience aware of the movie.



From a concept perspective, this is a very intersting movie. The biggest drawback is the lack of character development.

Probably the most interesting theme of the movie is how even our own memories are imperfect recollections of events. They are clouded by perspective, interpretation, and self-deception. I tended to appreciate themes that call into question our objectivity and confidence in ourselves. Does this make me a relativist?

Work Enthusiasm

Lately I have had a new enthusiasm for work. It feels sort of strange to be thinking about job and technology related ideas so much. Both going to Users Conference and seeing our users actually using our software and going to PDC and seeing some exciting stuff from Microsoft has really re-kindled my creativity with respect to work.

Rusty's Poem

My good friend Rusty sent me this poem. I thought it was a good demonstration of repentance at work in the speaker.

Here I am, lost again, in search for meaning today,

Scrolling ideas for a joy to convince me that life is true;

The present joy has failed me again, it somehow slipped away.

It requested more and gave me less but what else can I do?

I wake up early start fresh and hard to do enough today,

Work hard against my weaknesses, it’s possible if I will.

Put in the hours and persist, in the long run it will pay,

Surely I can make it work, but failure scares me still.

I am a victim in this scheme, impossible to avoid,

Until I see that I made it myself, so that I might succeed,

For me to be the one who makes life work so it’s enjoyed,

Could it be that it’s self-reliance from which I must be freed?

Oh, release me from this motive, which is hidden from my eyes,

This need to accomplish something that will make me significant,

To make life work on my own but never really satisfies,

Perhaps God’s love is the thing which can free and give enjoyment.

I thank you for the truth of what Christ has done for me,

Which enabled you to adopt me and forgive my constant sin

Of my preferring to save myself and avoid the Trinity.

Thank you for being my Father still and loving me. Amen.

PDC - Bill Gates Keynote

I was at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference last week in L.A. It was quite interesting. This is the reason for the lag in blog activity lately.

I did a couple of off-line posts, but I have yet to upload them. We stayed in a really crappy hotel, so we didn't have internet access. I decided to not take my laptop to take notes, but I kind of regret it now.

Anyway, the main purpose of this entry is to express a little shock at Bill Gate's statement that "software is the most powerful force for change in the world today." While technology is important, I tend to think that the Holy Spirit is the most powerful force for change. I would put the satanic conspiracy second.

I suppose there is a little megalomania in every developer, so I'll try to forgive Bill. He was once a developer.

The Unfortunate Vortex of a Beautiful Woman

Courtney and I recently had a good conversation about temptation and the opposite sex. In our individual ways, we both have faced temptation with the opposite sex and continue to fight it.

For me, the problem is visual. Even when I do not lust, it is because I am trying not to. While at UC, I played pool with a colleague. There was an attractive woman playing pool at a nearby table. The woman was dressed to attract the attention of the male of our species, and she was accomplishing her goal. Almost every an in the place was staring at her. I fought with some success doing the drive same. What drove me crazy, though was this, "why can't she just be like any other person in the place?" Why did I have to avoid looking at her without creeping beyond temptation? I wondered if it had something to do with the competition present or if it was instinct or the damage of bad habits.

When I say dork, I mean it in the coolest way possible.

Those of you that know me, and I imagine that is all of you, will get a kick out of this.

What was I saying about being cool at UC? Right, Heath, tres cool.

TFC Movie Night

We will be watching Magnolia. See for more information.