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M'Cheyne Reading Reflections - Jan 10

By heath - Posted on 11 January 2010

Well, I am trying out a new way of taking notes. I am writing them as "user notes" in my Accordance Bible Software. This means I can access them easily in the future.

It also means I make notes for a verse rather than a summary for the entire chapter. I am then copying them into my the blogging app. I may hone the format as I go.

Gen 9:1

“Be fruitful and multiply”, the first command to man and the creation in general. It is God’s desire that his earth be filled with his creatures and that Man rule them as his image.

While it isn’t necessary, it seems that before this God’s design was for man to be vegetarian. Surely man ate meat before the flood, but man has doing much outside the will of God. God seems to be adjusting the order of the world in order to prevent the sort of situation that percipitated his judgement. One has to wonder what the antedeluvian world was like if the animals did not have “dread” of man.

God institutes the first social law in the forming of the death penalty for murder. This is meant to preserve life by punishing and dealing with errant men and beasts so violent so as to take the life of God’s own image.

Gen 9:8

It is interesting that the covneant is not only with Noah but his sons and the reast of the creatures. It is the first explicit covenant mentioned in scritupture. As a covenant, it has a sign: the rainbow. God used this symbol because it was present at times when man might recall the judgement: whe it rained.

This new creation has now been rightly ordered for the curse under which it had existed for millenia in a state that produced such wickedness that God was compelled by his own righteous nature to start over. This new creation starts with some new physical properties, legal properties, and a new relationship between God and man.

Gen 9:24

Having just taught Old Testament, it is difficult not to write pages on the signficance of so many parts of Genesis. Here we have the setting up of the three people groups Israel encounters as they enter the promised land (remember who is reading this).

Shem - This is the Israelites and some others around the land

Ham’s offspring - This is the Canaanites

Japheth - This is what is usually considered the “Gentiles”

In the Table of Nations we see how the offspring of these through spread out to become the basis of the ethnic groups of the world even now.

It is also hard not to be giddy over the prophecy that Japheth will dwell in the tents of Shem. God is already working on blessing the Gentiles.

Gen 10:1

This geneology is more interesting than one might think. It gives the account of how the three sons of Noah spread out to become the nations of the earth.

It is interesting to note that you will recognize the names of the sons of Canaan as people who were in the land when the Israelites came into it. These were the cursed sons of Canaan that were being destroyed because of the curse that was given in the previous chapter.

The Japhethites are given brief treatment because these were not as releavent to Israel at the time of the Exodus and Conquest. You can see the concern of Moses.

You can again see the concern as Eber is given a place of prominence. Eber is the bases of Hebrew. It is interesting the we see that Peleg was alive during the Tower of Babel. This means it must have been about two generations after the flood.

Ezra 10:11

It is interesting here that Ezra commands the people to seperate from their foreign wives. The spiritual influence was too much to risk at this time in the nation’s history.

Matt 10:9

Sometimes I wonder what it would be to truly live like this. Our time in France was the most like this I have lived. We scraped by and even spent a good bit of savings. We lived relativly simply and had no car, but we enjoyed the fellowship of God’s people.

Matt 10:16

This is one of my favorite verses. God does not want a bunch of doormats. There is a way to be both holy and sly. I love that.

Matt 10:34

Another one of my favorites. Jesus smashes everybody’s categories. I wonder why it is that we face such little opposition. I think our gospel must be pretty watered down. This is especially relevant when you consider that Jesus was always in trouble with the religious people not the pagans.

Acts 10:1

This is one of the most exciting turning points in the history of the Church. God uses the giving of Holy Spirit through Peter as a sign to the apostles that God is accepting them in Christ just as Jews. If the Spirit of God can dwell within you, who is to say that you are unclean!

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