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Broken Blog

For some stupid reason, I decided to update the software that runs my blog at the busiest time of the year. Not surprisingly, there were some difficulties. That is why some of you might have seen a strange theme or blank front page.


Every quarter or so, PDI, the company I work for, has a staff meeting. Kirk Fischer, one of our VPs usually gives an inspiring presentation of some sort. It is always good, but this time I really think he hit on something.

Amos Readings

For Advent, I am reading the year B readings from lectionary in the PCUSA Book of Common Worship. I am really enjoying reading scripture. It is exciting to see connections between the readings in different parts of scripture throughout the week.

Am I Emergent and other quandries?

I thought this was pretty funny. I fit some categories and not others. I seem to be a square peg in a round hole pretty much everywhere I go. I felt like that at church today.

Vocal Instant Replay

On many occasions I have wanted a device that I have yet to see invented. I suppose I could write the software for my Pocket PC, but I am not sure that would suffice. I'd prefer a special device.

Jenna Evelyn Miller

For those of you who know the Millers, their new daughter was born yesterday mourning. Click through to Mark's blog to see the announcement.

Taking pleasure in others' sin

I often here people say things like, "It is a relief to hear that he actually argues with his wife." My question is, "Why?" It seems like we really should be sad. Our brother is suffering under the power of sin. Ought we not

Thoughts on cussing

Considering the providential ordering of the topics in the Christian blogosphere and HowItWorks, I have decided to weigh in on the cussing/swearing topic. I'll use cuss instead of swear because it emphasizes my geography. This is in direct rebellion against the tendency of mass media to flatten all regional culture.

Drifting Toward Libertarianism

Living in a pluralistic society can be tough.  We are constantly beset with competing claims to truth.  Groups making these claims may or may not play fair with respect to the society’s agreement.  One example might be militant Muslims.  I'd claim that the secular humanist left is also one such group.  I'd also claim that the most extreme of the "religious right" is another.

As of late I have gradually been drifting toward the Libertarian position.  I think that in a place where pluralism is standard, we need the government to do as little as possible.  The less we have to agree on

DefCon America

I can't remember exactly how I happened on to it, but I recently found the DefCon America website.

I have to say it is pretty sad the way they represent and misrepresent the "religious right."  I am not exactly sure whether or not to personalize it.  I attend a church that is smack dab in the middle of their definition of the religious right, but I would probably not fit their definition completely.  Many of my concerns and views do not precisely align with the religious right.  In addition, I do not espouse the eschatology DefCon so vehemently criticizes.