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My Life, the DVD

I think one of our favorite pastimes in the new creation will be showing the DVD of our lives to each other. Now, you might think it might be sad or gross or offensive, but we will have a different perspective. What we will see is the true glory of Christ as we see how he painstakingly weaves together our story. I can imagine that we will see new things in our life or one of our brothers or sisters lives with every viewing. Sure, there will be worship too. In fact, this will be one of the things that fuels our worship. Who knows, maybe I will even see the glory in my getting a CS degree from UMHB instead of Texas A & M. I know I will. I can't wait to see yours. I bet he is doing some great things right now.

American Restaurant Service

Wednesday I went to lunch with a friend.. He took me to Cheeve's for lunch. We went to Cheeve's, so I expected good food and good service. Wrong!

The food was decent, I was amazed at the service. It stunk. Dining out in France pretty much ruined me on most service in American resaurants. Those Frenchies really know how to do it. They don't really try to converse. They don't ask you questions. They just do what you need done when you need it and stay out of the way of your enjoying the food, atmosphere and company. They are true professionals.

The first thing our waiter did was offer us his hand and introduce himself. It was particularly odd because he was probably a freshman in college. Friendly is good, I guess, but it was too much. The staff repeatedly asked us about our meal. We were probably asked 3 times before we ever really had a chance to try it. It was almost amusing. I told my friend that in French restaurants, they didn't ask if the food was good because they knew it was good. They thought, "We are the food experts: If it wasn't good, we wouldn't serve it." It was rather annoying because we were trying to have a serious conversation, and we kept being interrupted.

Stupid Procrastination, Unrighteous me

Tomorrow is our first small group meeting! While I am really excited, I am also a bit frustrated. It was my intention to send out a couple of emails before we got started to remind everyone, but here it is the night before, and I have not sent one.

Thanks to Autumn for organizing the meal, so most people will probably remember. Maybe I will send an email out after this.

In addition, as I have been preparing this weekend, I realize that I should have set everyone the lesson last week. I knew that, why didn't I do it?

You know, if someone would do everything I know to do, he would be great human being.

New Book: Bonfire of the Vanities

I had asked Courtney to pick me out a new fiction book. I recently heard on This I Believe an essay from John Updike in which he claimed that fiction was more precise than non-fiction. I found this intriguing.

I can see where in some ways he is right. Fiction is more apt to capture the non-verbal communication of through its use of narrative, social cues, and descriptions. My reading is heavily weighted toward non-fiction if you don't count movies :-).

So, I am now reading Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe. It is quite good so far. I am picking up on themes of the universality of self-righteousness. It will certainly be an interesting read.


Well, I have been wanting to make this first entry for quite some time. Here its 4:16am and I am finally doing it. At this point, it almost seems anti-climactic. Who knows what will become of this: bits for the bit bucket, the start of a writing career, journalsim, maybe? Really, I would just like to start the discipline of recording my thoughts. Beware, they are not always the purest, and very often they are arrogant and self-absorbed. Maybe this discipline will help me see how awful it is. We shall see.